Total Package

CJ Duivenvoorde GWW strives to provide its clients with a first class package both in the production and financially. We cater to all our clients specific needs which includes brainstorming the project-specific challenges, performing the most efficient service possible and tracking the progress with our own unique 'Survey Department' and DICCIS Software

Skillfully / results oriented

When you work with C.J. Duivenvoorde you are guaranteed 65 years of experience in all aspects of dredging. We have also produced groundbreaking DICCIS Software which means that we are always tracking our progress and if need be, our machines can be quickly adjusted so we are always in control on all of our projects.

Inventive / flexible

C.J. Duivenvoorde GWW is a relatively small organisation where we all work together combining the older experience with the new technology that is being brought forward this makes us very inventive in devising project specific solutions. We develop, build and maintain our own equipment and therefore are able to provide specific equipment for each individual job if required. Every machine is able to be transported by road and has a short mobilization time, which makes us capable of successfully competing financially for both large and small projects

Turn to us on time.


C.J. Duivenvoorde was founded under the name Fa. C.J. Duivenvoorde and Zn. in 1946 by Jacobus Cornelis (Kees) Duivenvoorde who's main work is the use of a suction dredger, reclamation of land.

This reclamation proved a hit to be. Within a few years the company grew from 1 to 3 suction dredgers. To stay the clients full service to a small bulldozer in 1956 purchased the land after overmolding to equalize.

This also meant that other tasks in the area of earthworks could be adopted. Read the full story here.